The Huawei LDN-TL00 in Blue color

Latest reports suggest that Huawei is busy working on four new upcoming smartphones. The model numbers for the new smartphones are FLA-TL10, FLA-AL00, LDN-TL00 and LND-TL30, according to the website of TENAA, the China government's telecom certification agency.

The images of the smartphones that have surfaced on TENAA listings show four smartphones with edge-to-edge display along with dual cameras on the rear panel. A biometric scanner is also placed underneath the camera sensors.

Huawei LDN-TL00 seems to come in blue color with a polycarbonate body and a shiny frame. On the front, the model comes with a single camera sensor. There are two brand logos on the smartphone — one at the front bottom and another on the rear panel.

The Huawei FLA-TL10 and Huawei FLA-AL00

Huawei FLA-TL10 and Huawei FLA-AL00 share a similar design pattern along with antenna bands on the top and bottom of the rear panel. Both the models have a dual-camera setup on the rear as well as on the front. The camera placement on both models looks similar.

Honor LND-TL30

The last model is Honor LND-TL30, which also sports dual-camera setups both on the front and the back. The rear camera sensors are placed in a single block arrangement along with the LED flash.

Looking at the image, we can say that this model will feature a metal body finish in the middle and plastic finish on the top and bottom parts of the rear panel.

There is no further information available on these models. We have to wait for the certification of the phones to get some more details on the specifications of these smartphones.