In this fast-paced technology era, managing one's schedule can turn out to be a daunting task to tackle every day. However, with a little help from technology, one can find not just the best ways to multi-task but also achieve a sense of balance and tranquility.

Moreover, with plenty of software apps out there, multitasking come effortless with several apps in the market proving to be extremely productive. But it's also about working smart and using time in an appropriate manner.   

Here is a look at ten apps from the Apple store that will help boost one's productivity.

This all-in-one note taking application can create text, images, and even record audio notes while syncing all the recorded notes to a desktop Mac or PC. Users can even make shopping lists, plan trips, write stories and take notes. The possibilities are endless for students, teachers, shoppers, travelers and blog writers, who need to keep a track of their schedule or data. In short, Evernote is definitely a must-have app for anyone who owns a tablet or smartphone.

Dragon Dictation
Typing can sometimes turn out to be quite time consuming and at times even irritating. This is when Dragon Dictation comes in handy. As a voice recognition software, Dragon Diction, lets users record their voice and see it in text form in almost no time. One can also record a phone call, and use the device hands free while sending an email message.

One of the best productivity apps out there is Dropbox, which many users are familiar with. This app provides the easiest way to store and share files in the cloud. With Dropbox installed, users can easily access their files on any other computer that has the same application.

FTP On the Go
This app lets users to change or update their website from anywhere. FTP On the Go helps one view and edit any HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or ASP files on their respective server. It is also compatible with JPEG, PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT files as well.

Week Calendar
Week Calendar is an all new and improved application for Apple's iPhone, and the Week Calendar HD is available for iPad. This app seems quite similar to the original Apple Calendar but is far more powerful. iPad's Week Calendar HD has a light brown faux leather texture surrounding the actual calendar. Besides the week view, the app also provides Day, Month, and Year views. Week Calendar is a good alternative for users who are apprehensive about using iCal.

Dataviz Documents To Go
This all-in-one application allows users to edit, view and create MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It also lets users view PDF, iWork and other files and attachments. Dataviz Documents To Go also has a corresponding desktop application for two-way file synchronization.

Instapaper is one of the most simple and useful apps for iOS. The app lets users save online articles using a special browser bookmarklet. Users, who find something they want to read but are out of time to do so, may simply tap the bookmarklet to save the data and read it later.

Users can find it mighty annoying while accessing one's own data with great difficulty. And an average password manager wouldn't help sync two devices that support different platforms. This is when the 1password application steps in. The password sync needs a Dropbox account, but lets users keep the master copy in the account for easy access anywhere.

Sparrow delivers a simple and fast way to manage an overflowing inbox. It is a minimalist application which includes great customisation possibilities to "Get Mail Done' in the easiest way possible.

Roambi Visualizer:
This app proves useful for users who want to make business presentations much more visually exciting but don't want to spend too much time on it. Roambi takes business report data from excel, Google Docs and other programs and turn the data into interactive visual charts to help crunch the analytics numbers.