Kajal Aggarwal
Kajal and Jr NTR in "Temper"Facebook/ Kajal Aggarwal

The "Telugu" hit film "Temper' starring Jr NTR and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead has now crossed ₹60 crore mark at the box office. As per the latest reports, the movie's worldwide gross has reached ₹66.75 crore with net collection being ₹40.39 crore.

According to the Andhra Box office, "Temper" has grossed ₹44 crore in Andhra / Nizam region with net collection of ₹29.02 crore.

The box office collection division of "Temper" is as follows:

Vizag - ₹3.08 crore

East - ₹2.09 crore

West - ₹1.66 crore

Krishna - ₹1.99 crore

Guntur - ₹2.90 crore

Nellore - ₹1.22 crore

The total earning of the movie in Andhra is ₹12.94 crore while the gross is reportedly estimated as at ₹18.50 crore.

Ceeded --  ₹5.83 crore (share) and gross amount is said to be ₹7.80 crore

Nizam -- ₹10.25 crore (share), ₹17.70 crore (gross)

Therefore, the total share of "Temper" in AP/ Nizam region is₹29.02 crore and the gross collection is ₹44 crore.

Bangalore - ₹2.45 crore (share), gross – ₹5.85 crore

The share of "Temper" in rest of Karnataka is estimated to be ₹2.30 crore and the estimated gross is said to ₹4.80 crore

Tamil Nadu (Estimate) - ₹0.55 crore (share), ₹1.40 (gross)

Rest of India (Estimate) - ₹0.85 crore (share), ₹2.20 crore (gross)

USA - ₹4.22 crore (share) - ₹6.50 crore (gross)

Rest of the world + Unreported (Estimated) - ₹1 crore (share), ₹2 crore (gross)

Word Total - ₹40.39 crore, ₹66.75 crore (gross)

Meanwhile, the weekend box office reports for the movie in Andhra Pradesh and Nizam region suggest that the film still runs in number one position with average theatre occupancy compared other recent releases. The second position in the weekend of 1 March is taken by "Maga Maharaju", followed by "Pisachi", "Ram Leela" and the Bollywood flick "Badlapur".