The story of unaware superspreaders is as old as pandemic now, with people who unknowingly frequented crowded places while in their most infectious stage. Then there are negligent spreaders, who despite being aware of the flu-like symptoms, chose to ignore them and go about their work and chores, thus infecting hundreds.

But what about deliberate spreaders ?

In an absolutely bizarre incident, a COVID-positive woman in Telangana forcibly hugged her daughter-in-law in order to pass on the infection. Why? Hurt over being isolated and in an absolute fit of rage over her daughter-in-law maintaining distance, she not only hugged her forcibly but successfully managed to infect the daughter-in-law as well.

Forced Isolation
Forced Isolation Representational PicturePixabay

Reportedly, the mother-in-law was upset that her food was kept at a designated place, everybody maintained distance and even her grandchildren were not allowed to go near her. "My mother-in-law hugged me saying that I should also get infected with Covid-19," Times of India quoted her as saying.

After the daughter-in-law tested positive for Covid, she was allegedly thrown out of the house in Somaripeta Village in north Telangana. From there on, the daughter-in-law was taken to her parents' place along with the two children. The daughter-in-law is currently in isolation at her sister's residence in village Thimmapur in the same district. As for the woman's husband, he had left for Odisha, where he works as an auto-driver, about seven months ago.

Book her, say netizens

While some made light of the situation, by joking she probably wanted to spend some quality time with her daughter-in-law in isolation, many others were shocked at the vicious gesture. Like some others who have been booked for an attempt to murder after running out of Covid hospitals, many felt that she should also be penalized for such unacceptable action.