Tejesh Marsale

Pharmaceutical engineering is vital to the US healthcare system, under stringent FDA oversight. The global pharmaceutical manufacturing market, valued at USD 516.48 billion in 2022, is set to grow at 7.63% CAGR from 2023 to 2030 due to technological advancements. Professionals like Tejesh Marsale, specializing in CQV, ensure safety and quality in pharmaceutical products, driving industry standards. This trajectory is propelled by technological advancements, the adoption of cost-effective manufacturing methodologies, and increased investments, catalyzing significant transformation within the industry. Professionals like Tejesh Marsale play crucial role within this landscape, distinguished by their exceptional proficiency and commitment to upholding the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products. With a specialized background in Commissioning, Qualification, Validation (CQV), and Verification, Tejesh embodies a wealth of experience and expertise crucial to driving industry standards forward.

Tejesh's career showcases his dedication to excellence in his domain of expertise. As a Validation Engineer IV at PCI Pharma Services, he spearheads validation initiatives, ensuring regulatory compliance. Previous roles at Sanofi Pasteur and Dover Brook Associates provided him with a holistic understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, emphasizing the importance of compliance in ensuring product quality and safety

Expert Engineer in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

With a skillset uniquely positioned at the convergence of biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine, and pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and sciences, Tejesh is recognized as an engaged leader with a strategic vision and cross-functional cooperation skills. His responsibilities encompass conducting well-defined CQV activities for pharmaceutical and medical device contract manufacturing, with a focus on Aseptic Filling, Lyophilization, Clean-In-Place, Sterilization Engineering, Packaging, and Serialization. Tejesh's expertise extends to handling process equipment such as Aseptic fillers, Isolators, vessels, Depyrogenation tunnels, Freeze Dryer Systems, and autoclaves. His primary objective is to optimize manufacturing processes for sterile injectable drugs and medical devices, enhancing precision, safety, and quality in the pharmaceutical industry.

Optimizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations

A defining attribute of Tejesh's expertise lies in his adeptness at steering CAPEX projects aimed at optimizing pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. By orchestrating a symbiotic relationship between human proficiency and machine precision, Tejesh has adeptly streamlined methodologies, thereby upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and operational efficiency within drug manufacturing. committed to harmonizing human expertise with cutting-edge technological advancements to elevate pharmaceutical manufacturing processes he says, "I believe in striking a balance between human expertise and technological advancements to optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for enhanced safety, quality, and efficiency."

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

His proficiency in pharmaceutical sterile manufacturing, particularly in sterile fill finish for pharmaceutical and medical device industries, has garnered widespread acclaim .In the sterile fill finish domain, Tejesh specializes in overseeing production processes and ensuring compliance with regulations for various pharmaceutical products and medical devices. This included vital medications such as cancer treatments, vaccines, biologics, and devices for managing serious wounds like Pressure Ulcers, Second Degree Burns, and Diabetic Ulcers.

As a Validation Engineer IV (FUSE) at PCI Pharma Services Tejesh ensured that the company's facilities, utilities, systems, and equipment meet the stringent standards set by regulatory agencies worldwide. He says "As a Validation Engineer, I am committed to ensuring that every aspect of our operations aligns with stringent regulatory standards, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to compliance." These agencies include the FDA in the United States, MHRA in the United Kingdom, Health Canada in Canada, PDMA in Japan, and others. To ensure compliance, Tejesh carefully collects and documents detailed evidence demonstrating that the equipment and processes meet the rigorous guidelines set by these agencies. This involved aligning technical details with the specific requirements outlined in the regulations, ensuring that every aspect of the work exceeds regulatory expectations.

Leadership and Collaboration

Beyond his technical prowess, Tejesh is renowned for his leadership acumen and adeptness at fostering cross-functional collaboration. He thrives in cultivating a synergistic work environment underscored by core values such as customer-centricity, innovation, integrity, collaboration, and superior performance. His strategic foresight and commitment to continuous improvement render him an invaluable asset to any team fortunate enough to have him onboard.

Tejesh's achievements in pharmaceutical and medical industries highlight his unmatched skill set and commitment to safety, quality, and compliance. With a successful track record in validation engineering and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Tejesh drives innovation and excellence in the field consistently pushing boundaries of what's possible to deliver cutting edge solutions for the future of healthcare.