A 14-year-old boy has created a world record for solving a Rubik's 3X3 cube in 5 seconds -- faster than a machine.

Lucas Etter solved the cube in 4.094 seconds at a competition in Clarksville, Maryland, The Verge reported. The World Cube Association (WCA) confirmed the achievements of the teenager on their website. "The speed and precision with which Etter's hands were moving while he was solving the cube are mind-boggling," said one person present at the event.

People who can solve cube puzzles quickly are known as 'speedcubers'. Each speedcuber is given a specific amount of time to access their cubes before they are to begin cracking the puzzle. However, having a plan of action does not make Etter's accomplishments less credible.

Another competitor, Keaton Ellis, solved the same in 5.09 seconds at the same event. Etter was ahead by three-tenths of a second from fellow speedcuber Collin Burns, who set the record earlier this year, the website reported.

There will always be a difference in the speeds humans can achieve as compared to that of robots. The Lego-built robot Cubestormer 3 solved the same 3x3 cube in 3.253 seconds last year, which is more than a second faster than Etter's, The Verge reported.

There will always be someone or the other trying to beat the world records. Now, it remains to be seen who beats Etter's record.

Watch the video of Lucas Etter solving the 3X3 Rubik's cube: