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Mohammad Salman, 19, was killed by his friend Suhail Malik on Saturday (April 13) night inside an SUV at Barakhamba Road in Delhi while they were shooting for a Tik Tok video. Salman, Suhail and their two other friends were driving towards the India Gate that night and the victim was believed to be driving the Hyundai Creta car which belonged to his cousin.

The gunshots fired from the pistol that was used for shooting the Tik Tok video pierced Salman's cheeks who was behind the wheel. Suhail his friend was holding the pistol as they were inside the car. The bullets entered Salman's cheeks and passed through his right ear. Although Salman slumped at the steering vehicle, the car evaded a road mishap," the Deputy Commissioner, Delhi Police, Madhur Verma told the Hindustan Times.

The police have arrested all the three friends of Salman and they are also probing the love triangle angle that may have possibly led to the murder.

"The boys said that the fire was shot accidentally when they drove out an uneven stretch near Hotel Lalit at around 10.30 pm.and they were filming the Tik Tok video simultaneously," the DCP said.

The police suspect a murder angle since both the 24-years-old suspect Suhail and his friends tried to hide the blood-stained clothes as well as the pistol which amounts to the crime of destroying evidence.

Thereafter, the boys pushed injured Salman to the rear seat of the car and drove straight to Suhail's house in Daryaganj,  Delhi. When Suhail's brother Imran Malik saw Salman, he rushed him to the nearby hospital where the victim succumbed to his injuries.

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The suspect along with his friends tried to evade the arrest by disposing of their blood-soaked clothes and a country-made pistol.

Incidentally, none of the relatives of Suhail informed the police about the shooting. The Delhi police received a call from the hospital authorities at around 2.30 am and rushed to the spot.

"None of them informed the police about the shooting. Though we have now recovered the pistol and the blood-stained clothes, serious efforts had been made to destroy the evidence. These things point to some kind of criminal intent," the DCP said

 Both the boys belonged to affluent families from Delhi and their fathers own multiple houses and have manufacturing businesses.

The police said that any benefit of a doubt is ruled out in favour of the victim's friends since they made serious efforts to destroy the evidence.