It's often believed that men in uniform have nerves of steel. Does that imply that they aren't flesh and blood like the rest of us? Rajub Bhowmik might serve as the Critical Response Command at Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the New York City Police Department, but there is also a literary side to him. A man known for dabbling in multiple profiles, he is quite the brooding romantic when not in the midst of an investigation scene. His interactions and experiences with human nature reflect through his literary works. His poems often center around emotions such as love, pain, belonging, and hope.

Bhowmik's most notable contributions to the world of literature and fiction are the Ayna Sonnets or the mirror sonnets. For the uninitiated, Ayna Sonnets comprise of compositions consisting of fourteen lines, inclusive of three stanzas of four lines each and lastly, summarized by a couplet in the end. The origin of the Bengali sonnet writing traces back to Michael MS Dutt during the 19th century, who is considered as one of the greatest poets in Bengali literature and the father of Bengali sonnets. During his stay in Versailles, he composed a sonnet in honor of the 16th-century poet Dante Alighieri, which was translated into French and Italian, and then sent to the king of Italy. The likes of Rabindra Nath Tagore and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, noted Indian freedom writers, have taken the tradition forward in their works too.

Bhowmik took to poetry as a teenager. Poetry helped him express his experiences and feelings with others. Some of his most noted sonnets include, Noyoner Asha (Hope in the eyes) Medillin Colombia, Protibondhi Shishu (Handicapped Children), Sobi Hobe Por (Nothing will last), Bristi o Shokhir Vabona (Rain and Thoughts of Her), Budo Kamne Hobo (How will I get old) and Shohile Valobasha (Tolerable Love). In 2018, he released the Satantra Chaturdospodi Kobitaguli, a collection of 56 sonnets covering a wide range of themes such as love, passion, life, travel, ethics, eternal life, and hope.

Through his life and work, the sole objective of Bhowmik is to serve and save people. His academic credentials are quite a handful. A graduate in intelligence studies with a specialization in criminal intelligence, he majored in Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, and Journalism. He has also acquired doctorates in Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Business Administration and Education in Leadership. Married and a father to a two-year-old daughter, he is credited with having written over 20 books, including research books, poetry books, romantic novels, and thrillers. His books on Delinquent Behavior and Criminology and Abnormal Psychology currently serve as textbooks at the John Jay College and the Hostos College of the City University of New York.

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