In a horrifying case, a teenage girl from Bangalore was sexually harassed by a group of youths and thrown out of a running train near Maddur, Karnataka on Tuesday afternoon. The girl survived but suffered severe injuries.

The 19-year-old, an orphan, is an employee of a garment factory in Bangalore. She was on leave and was going to her home in Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore, where she stays with her grandmother.

She was travelling on Yeshwantpur-Mysore Express when a group of four people came near her and started harassing her and passed obscene comment.

When the girl said that she would call the police, they pushed her out of the moving train. The train was travelling over the Kolli Bridge, on the Shimsha River, one of the tributaries of Kaveri. The girl, whose identity has not been revealed, fell onto the dry river bed 25 feet below, survived with severe injuries. Police said that the victim would not have survived if she fell on rock.

The girl was taken to the Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, where she is being treated for injuries to the head, backbone and legs, The Times of India reported.

"When the train was approaching Maddur station, four youths began teasing me and sexually harassing me. They passed lewd remarks and tried to molest me. When I said I would inform police, they pushed me out," the girl told The Times of India.

"When I protested and threatened that I would inform police about their misbehaviour, they pushed me out of the moving train. I fell on the rocky ground and lost consciousness. When I regained my consciousness, I was under medical care. I was in acute pain and there was blood all over my body," she added.

A passenger, who saw the young boys throwing the girl, called Maddur police station, following which two boys were arrested at Mandya station in Karnataka and two others were arrested at Pandavapura on suspicion of accompanying the former two. The arrested have been identified as Akbar, Imran, Shuban and Ahmed.