Although MTV's "Teen Wolf" is on a hiatus now, fans of the show are eager to know what's in store for Scott and his pack in the next half of the season.

Showrunner Jeff Davis recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss some of the most important twists and turns in the season 5A finale, and revealed that "511 happens the same night as 510".

The second half of the season will focus on the resurrection of Scott and its side effects, said Davis.

"We call season 5B a season of resurrection because it's partly Scott has come back from the dead and he has to bring his pack now back from the dead as well."

"It's a question of how does death affect him? Will it change him for the worse, for the better? It's all about what his mother said at the end, give them hope. So he's got to find hope again," Davis added.

As for Scott's friendship with Stiles, Davis said they aren't going to patch up anytime soon, as both of them have a lot of resentment to work through.

"They were both taken in by an Iago and Theo played them all and pitted them against each other, so they've got to get past the underlying resentment and forgive each other and it's going to take more than one episode," Davis said.

Another mystery of season 5A finale, which will probably be solved in the second half, is the painting the Dread Doctors unveiled that showed two beasts fighting. Although Davis did not reveal much about the painting, he did admit that one figure is a Hellhound, probably Parrish.

It is not immediately known how these monsters will affect Scott and his pack and the rest in Beacon Hills. But speculations are rife that the La Bete, the monster, could be someone whom the fans of the MTV show have already met.

According to a Bustle report, La Bete and the creature that destroyed the school could be the same, and suspicions are on Peter Hale being the La Bete.

"The beast in the painting looks a whole lot like Peter's pure werewolf form from Season 1. What if the Dread Doctors gave him the opportunity to become an Alpha once again by restoring those powers and adding a few new ones?" the report stated.

"Teen Wolf" will return for Season 5B in January.