Teen Wolf
Pictured: A scene from Season 6 of Teen Wolf.Facebook/Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf's Stiles has been kidnapped by the Ghost Hunters and they even managed to wipe off any trace of his existence from the face of the earth. This has resulted in his friends forgetting him, but they have managed to figure out that there was someone important in their lives once upon a time.

The next few episodes will deal with the pack finding out that Stiles has been kidnapped and devising a way to rescue him. But one of the shocking moments from Season 6 episode 2 of the teen supernatural drama was the re-appearance of Stiles' mother Claudia, who was believed to be dead.

Claudia's return has given rise to a number of theories on where she could have been and if she was really dead, and here, we are listing out a few that have us intrigued.

Claudia is back due to an anomaly: According to Reddit user Grumpy Satan, Stiles' father is the person who feels the absence of someone important in his life, and Claudia has been brought back to fill that void. Everyone "acts like Stiles didn't exist right? So you'd expect his parents to have the biggest changes. Scott might forget Stiles being present in his memories, but a parents life basically revolves around their kid and the Sheriff and Stiles are super close. So something needed to replace him."

Claudia was alive: MizuRyuu feels Mrs Stilinski was never dead. "My current theory is that there is something about Stiles that caused a lot of guilt on Claudia's part. She was actually alive and stayed away due to the guilt. With all memory of Stiles gone, so did the guilt, letting her return.

Claudia is evil: Here's what AnExcitedOstrick has to say about Claudia: "Something feels off about the Claudia. I don't know if this is plausible, and I hope it's not because I don't want Teen Wolf to end with Stiles vision of his mother ruined. But I could see Teen Wolf writers using Stiles mother as some mythological being who works with the wild hunt.

Teen Wolf Season 6 airs Tuesdays on MTV.