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Shortly after Season 5 of "Teen Wolf" wrapped up, its executive producer revealed that the upcoming season will focus on Stiles and Lydia's relationship, and now Holland Roden too has confirmed the news.

In an interview at 2016 Howler Con, Roden said that her character's relationship with Dylan O'Brien's character will deepen in the aftermath of the events of the Season 5 finale that saw Stiles saving Lydia from the Eichen House, reported Parent Herald.

Not surprisingly, not everyone will be happy with Stiles' romance with Lydia. It remains to be seen if Parrish's relationship with Lydia will suffer now that Stiles is in the picture.

Another focus of Season 6 will be Stiles and Scott's relationship. The previous season saw the whole gang breaking up and then coming together by the end of the season. Season 6 will continue to test the strength of their bond. "One of the things that we're really trying to do with Season 6 is show the strength of friendships and test that again. We're taking it back to the story of Scott and Stiles' friendship and how meaningful that," Davis told TVGuide.

In the meantime, there hasn't been any official word on when "Teen Wolf" would return to MTV, but rumours hint at a fall premiere.

One person who will not be a part of Season 6 is Tyler Hoechlin, who played Derek Hale. Shortly after announcing his departure from the show, the actor said that he enjoyed his time on the show.
"I actually really enjoyed all the arcs," said Hoechlin, according to Hypable. "I thought every season, they gave me something really kind of great and new to play with, so that was definitely never an issue that I had."

On whether he would return to "Teen Wolf," Hoechlin said: "Oh god. I'm sorry, I would love to make everybody cheer and be happy right now. I don't have any plans to right now. I kind of feel like where we left the character, at least, when I knew it was going that way, kind of wrapped it up in the passing of the baton on to Scott, is just kind of how I felt like that story ended. I don't know in which way he would come back into this world, exactly."