teen wolf
teen wolf

In a few days, fans of MTV's "Teen Wolf" will watch Scott's pack attack Stiles (Dylan O'Brian), or not. This really depends on Stiles' dad, Sheriff Stilinski's (Linden Ashby) health condition. The midseason premiere, which will be aired on Tuesday, 5 January, begins with the Sheriff in the hospital and an emotional Stiles feeling helpless and confused about what can be done to save his father's life.

Fans of the show would remember that Theo (Cody Christian) attacks the Sheriff and forces Stiles to choose either his dad or his friend Scott (Tyler Posey). Stiles chooses to be with his father but it appears that the Sheriff may not live long.

According to a recent report, the Sheriff is not only injured from the fight with Theo, but his body ails from a "mysterious infection". The horror it presents is real: Theo has access to many dread doctors and he could have chosen an infection that's outside the realm of traditional medicine.

In the trailer, Stiles and Scott have a physical altercation in the hospital. An angry Stiles throws Scott on the floor and asks, "Where were you Scott? The tension between the two is palpable, but the synopsis for season 5 episode 11 hints at a joint operation between Stiles and Scott to help the Sheriff.

We predict that this friendship may last only if the Sheriff is able to fight the infection and survive until the rest of the season.

Showrunner Jeff Davis said that Stiles will explore his identity in season 5B of "Teen Wolf". He added that Stiles will still fear the past and possibly harbours a secret that he does not want to acknowledge. This could be one of the sub-plots of season5B.

Furthermore, Stiles' trauma will affect his relationship with Scott. According to the executive producer, the two aren't going to be friends for a very long time.

Season 5 episode 11 titled "The Last Chimera" synopsis reads: 

"Scott and Stiles try to learn what is behind the mysterious infection that is killing the town sheriff."

"Teen Wolf" season 5 episode 11 will be aired on Tuesday, 5 January, at 9pm on MTV.

The network will releae a six minute treailer of episode 11 at midnight on 1 January.