Season 5B of "Teen Wolf" will return to MTV in January, and the show will be aired on Tuesdays instead of Mondays.

The trailer for the upcoming season was released at the MTV series' New York Comic Con panel on Friday, 9 October, and it looks like Scott and Theo's pack will unite to fight a new villain, The Beast. "Your pack and mine, we're going to be fighting for our lives," Theo tells Scott in the trailer.

At the moment nothing much is known about the Beast, other than that it's scary. When Entertainment Weekly asked Tyler Posey to describe the Beast, he said he doesn't know much as he is yet to film a scene with the creature.

But according to Cody Christian, the name is self explanatory. "The name itself tells what this monster creature is. It's a beast," Christian said.

As for what else viewers can expect in season 5B, showrunner Jeff Davis has some bad news for fans of Scott and Stiles.

The trailer featured a physical confrontation between the two best friends, and according to Davis, their relationship will still be rocky in the second half of the season. "They were both taken in by an Iago and Theo played them all and pitted them against each other, so they've got to get past the underlying resentment and forgive each other and it's going to take more than one episode," Davis told Entertainment Weekly shortly after the season 5A finale.

Elaborating on the second half of the season, the showrunner said at New York Comic Con that the tone of season 5B will be lighter, and fans can expect a lot of humour. "We went pretty dark in 5A. We're getting our sense of humour back, we like to say, in 5B. It's gonna be much more fun. I told Tyler [Posey] we're gonna see him as a badass alpha. Tyler kicks ass up and down the sets of Teen Wolf."