Monday's midseason finale of MTV's "Teen Wolf" had a number of twists and turns that finally revealed what supernatural creature Parrish is – a Hellhound.

The finale did not explain whether Parrish was a good guy or a bad one, but according to executive producer Jeff Davis, Parrish as a Hellhound has a definite place in the Bacon Hills' supernatural system. The second half of season 5 will explore Parrish's role in the supernatural clean-up work and how it is going to affect the other characters in Bacon Hills.

"You don't know whether he's a good guy or a bad guy but that he serves a function, that he is definitely there for a reason, that he was drawn to Beacon Hills for a purpose, and the purpose of a Hellhound is they're a guardian of a supernatural place and that's what he is. And we're going to find out just what that role entails in season 5B and how dangerous it's going to become for the rest of the characters," Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

Davis also teased the possibility of Parrish and Lydia's relationship developing into a romantic one. In a chat with TVLine, Davis said that the writers have been flirting with the nature of their relationship all season.

"In a way, they're unconsciously bonded together by their supernatural powers. They're drawn to each other, and whether that becomes something romantic and realized has yet to be seen. It's all been in Parrish's mind, but it hasn't happened in real life," Davis said. He noted that Lydia taking Parrish's hand in the jail cell is her accepting that she has feelings for him.

Previewing what else is in store for the second half of the season, the showrunner said that viewers will see a different Scott in season 5B. The first half of the season was a lot of about Scott failing as a leader; the second half will see a wiser Scott who has learned a lot from his failures.

Season 5B will also concentrate a lot on the conflict between Theo's pack and Scott's pack, and Davis said it was going to be epic.