As the premiere of "Teen Wolf" season 5B inches closer, fans want to know if Scott's pack will expand. After all, he is a fan favourite and no doubt, many want to see other interesting characters join Scott. In this context, many speculate that one of the popular characters on the show will shift sides. Yes, we are talking about Brett Talbot (Cody Saintgnue).

In a recent interview, the actor revealed his character's fate in the upcoming mid season premiere. Cody, while acknowledging his fans' demand to join Scott, said that he may or may not make that move in season 5B.

"The fans would tweet me that every single day. But I know Brett's very loyal. I think maybe under a certain circumstance. If it seemed right, if it seemed like the right move, if it seemed like the best integrity thing to do, I think Brett would do it. But do I think he would just leave the pack just to join like a pack that's 'stronger' or something? I don't think so," Christian Post quoted Cody as saying. 

Furthermore, Cody revealed that his character might find love in the second half of season 5. However, this may be complicated as he is often described as a bisexual, peace loving werewolf.

"It could be like Brett might be interested in Mason [Khylin Rambo], and there might be a girl that pops into the picture. I would like for them to dive into the duality of Brett because I think there is a lot of stuff that they could do with it," he said.

We think that Brett's storyline will definitely find a place in season 5B's plot. However, what the show's producers decide to do, remains to be seen.

"Teen Wolf" season 5B premiers on Tuesday, 5 January, 2016 on MTV.