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As Season 5 of "Teen Wolf" progresses, fans of the MTV fantasy series want to know how the Beast of Gévaudan can be stopped from posing an existential threat to the people of Beacon Hill. However, the latest instalment, Season 5 Episode 18 titled "The Maid of Gévaudan," will depict the Beast's true match.

In last week's episode, Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brian) and rest of the team's plan to find the Beast went awry. Although the villain ran away from the school premises, Episode 17 hinted that Mason could actually be the Beast of Gévaudan. This knowledge of the Beast's identity became clear after it came from the same direction as the buses, where Mason (Khylin Rhambo) and Corey (Michael Johnston) were.

The upcoming episode of "Teen Wolf" will provide an exposition into an epic battle which took place between the Beast and the Maid of Gévaudan. The show will take a break from the present, and instead fans will be exposed to the life in 18th century France.

Allison (Crystal Reed), who is long dead, will play the role of Marie-Jeanne Valet, who fights the Beast. In the promo for the upcoming episode, Marie-Jeanne is seen walking with a group of hunters who are on the lookout for this creature. However, she gets separated from the rest of the men, and pulls out a dagger to protect herself.

This legendary tale of a woman, who survived the Beast, will be relayed to Scott by Allison's grandfather. This knowledge will inspire him to take on the Beast himself, but we doubt if he will escape unscathed.

Season 5 Episode 18's synopsis released via TV Guide reads:

The Argents share an important clue about the mystery of the Beast of Gévaudan; and Scott tries to take on the Beast by himself.

"Teen Wolf" Season 5 Episode 18 airs on Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 9 p.m. on MTV. You can live stream the episode via MTV's website