There's going to be a war when season 5B of "Teen Wolf" airs in January 2016. The armies that will fight, kill and vow to emerge victorious include Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack; The Desert Wolf and The Beast of Gevaudan and a new villain who is rumoured to be Stiles.

According to reports, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) will not be able to control the many changes his body is going through and many predict that he will go rogue. Up until now, he has been able to keep it under control, but season 5B will depict the character's violent and dangerous side.

In the trailer for season 5B, Stiles storms into Eichen House to save his ex-girlfriend, Malia (Shelley Hennig). This is perhaps because Theo and the Desert Wolf will conspire and make Stiles' love interest their target. It is rumoured that the Desert Wolf is upset with Malia, but the reason is still unclear.

To be sure, the trailer also hints at the burgeoning love between Stiles and Malia. This is perhaps the love story executive producer Jeff Davis promised in his interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Although Stalia fans can rejoice at the prospect of more romance in season 5B, it promises to be gruesome as well. In that, Scott's resurrection will create situations that are difficult and trying.

According to a latest report, one of the many reasons for Scott's revival include a definite fight between him and the Beast of Gévaudan, one of the most fearful and reckless beasts on the show. Scott will also have to fight Theo (Cody Christian), who craves for the Beast's powers and uses Deucalion's help to gain it.

Amidst several of these plots, it remains to be seen if Stalia can overcome their enemies and foster a relationship that's stable.

"Teen Wolf" season 5B airs on January 5, 2016 on MTV.