The upcoming episode of MTV's "Teen Wolf" will see Scott and Malia attempting to rescue their friends Liam and Hayden from the Dread Doctors, after their plan to use their own as bait backfired.

According to the official synopsis of the episode, Deaton will also make a horrific discovery about the Dread Doctors, and it remains to be seen if this will help the pack rescue Liam and Hayden.

The episode is titled "Ouroboros" and the events of the previous episode will see Scott doubting his leadership skills. A promo clip shows Scott blaming himself for endangering the lives of Hayden and Liam, saying: "Something's changed with me and my friends, with all of us. And I think it's because of me."

Although Parrish is not mentioned in the synopsis, a recent Design&Trend report noted that he will play a big role in the upcoming episode. As the ouroboros symbol is usually associated with rebirth, the media outlet speculates that it could be used in reference to phoenix, and for a while now rumours have been rife that Parrish is a phoenix.

This theory gained traction in season 4 after Deputy Haigh attempted to kill Parrish by setting him on fire. But Parrish survived and he was seen heading to the sheriff's station covered in ash.

However, actor Ryan Kelley does not believe that he could be a phoenix.

"With Jeff, anything is possible. I was almost 99 percent sure I was a hunter in Season 3, so things can definitely change," Kelley told TV Line in an earlier interview. "One of the big theories people seem to be latching onto is that he's a phoenix, just because of the ashes and the fire. I will tell you I don't personally think he's a phoenix, but I could be wrong. I don't think it's that simple, it just can't be."

"Teen Wolf's" airs Mondays on MTV.