Scott and his friends have finally found out more information regarding the Dread Doctors, thanks to Dr Valack.

Peter's former cellmate revealed to the gang some vital information regarding the villains in exchange for a recording of Lydia's scream, which enabled him to escape from Eichen House.

So who are the Dread Doctors? According to Dr Valack, they were scientists who worshipped the supernatural forces. "They found their secrets in electromagnetic forces — ways for them to prolong their lives, give them more power and, most importantly, making you forget you ever saw them."

Valack also explained that the Dread Doctors were brought back to Beacon Hills because Scott and his friends reactivated the Nemeton.

Meanwhile, the synopsis for next week's episode entitled "Required Reading" does not reveal much other than that Scott and his friends follow Dr Valack's advice to read the book, and they "experience strange effects as a result."

The next episode will also see tension arising between Scott and Stiles now that the latter has killed Donovan. "We have some big twists and turns coming up that sort of split the characters apart," showrunner Jeff Davis said at San Diego Comic-Con, according to Blastr. "For Scott especially, we're calling it the season of failure of leadership. He's been a pretty good leader so far, he's learned a lot, but eventually he has to learn how to fail."

Actor Tyler Posey too said that things are going to get ugly between Scott and best friend Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), adding that their friendship could be done for good.

"There's some really heavy stuff coming up between Scott and Stiles that we've never played with before," Posey told Access Hollywood. "You know, they've been in arguments before, they've had disagreements, but this could change their friendship."

Although fans are going to be disappointed, Posey said that fans will be able to relate to their fight. "It's really good. It's really good TV," he said. "Everyone has best friends that they fight with, so it's relatable."

"Teen Wolf" airs Mondays on MTV.