Teen Wolf
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Season four premiere of "Teen Wolf" is round the corner and MTV on Wednesday gave viewers a glimpse of what's in store for the pack when it released the first footage from the first season.

The footage revealed two new villains and also caught up with some of the favorites characters, including newbies Kira and Malia.

Spoilers indicate that the premiere episode will be Stiles-centric, and there are hints that his love life is going to get complicated, especially as there are talks of a possible love triangle between Lydia (Holland Roden), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), and Malia (Shelley Hennig).

But based on fan reactions on Twitter, they appear to be unhappy at the prospect of a love triangle.

"If stiles is stuck in a love triangle this season i swear i'll fight someone he doesn't deserve to be fooled around with," wrote on fan, while another added: "Jeff Davis better not make a love triangle between Stiles/Lydia/Malia or I'm gonna shoot myself."

On what to expect in the season, TVLine's Michael Ausiello said: "Not only does he get a chance to play bad ass, which is always fun, but he also has a few intense moments with both of the ladies in his life — one more so than the other. Needless to say, Stiles' love life won't become any less complicated in Season 4."

The upcoming season will also see Stiles trying to heal the wounds he created as Void Stiles when the Nogitsune took over his body. Recovering from the dark path he was put on during the second half of season three is not going to be an easy one.

And Melissa Ponzio, who plays Scott's mother on the MTV series, agrees. She hinted to MyFanbase during a recent interview that the road to recovery for Stiles might be a long one.

"I think Dylan's finest work to date was last season as he danced between Stiles and VoidStiles. I was so thrilled to work with him as VS, it was really fun," she said. "There are shockwaves that were left by VoidStiles, and we're going to have to heal the wounds he left. I think then the warmth will come back, with our beloved Stiles being 'back to normal' ... although what is normal anymore, right?"

The premiere episode will also answer one of the biggest questions that has been plaguing fans since the season three fianle – what is Kate?

The werewolf hunter has now become some sort of a were-creature, and will prove to be a formidable enemy.

"Well, she's going to be a foe to many people, but you'll be surprised to see who she aligns herself with. She definitely has an agenda, and one of those agendas is to survive at all costs. She still considers herself an argent — and a hunter," Jeff Davis, executive producer of "Teen Wolf" told TVLine in March.

The supernatural series is scheduled to premiere on June 23 at 10 pm on MTV.