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Relationships in season four of "Teen Wolf" was somewhat defined in the show's premiere itself, when Malia and Stiles shared their first kiss of the season while trapped in Araya's prison. 

The kiss has many fans rooting for Styles and Malia, but executive producer of the show Jeff Davis said in a recent interview that Malia kissed Stiles as it would help her calm down, which would in turn help her localise her hearing.

"It's because she remembers the calming kiss that they had at Eichen House, and it's also because she likes him," Davis told TVLine. "He tells her, 'Look at me, concentrate on my eyes,' but what she finds herself concentrating on are his lips.

"For Malia, this is the first guy she's made a connection with. You could say she made many connections, possibly, in the woods, but we don't really know what happened to her in the nine years she was a were-coyote. This is the first real human connection she's made."

Stiles has always helped Malia fit in with the pack, and she in turn will prove to be a loyal member of her new family. This means, Malia and Lydia, too, will have a friendly relationship, which will be featured in the upcoming episodes.

Because Malia has not been in school for more than 10 years, she has a tough time coping with classes in addition to dealing with being a pubescent teenager. And this is where Lydia comes in.

"She does grow to love each character for what they can provide, and I think Malia is very practical, and she knows that Lydia is very smart. She knows that each person in the pack is very special and important. Me and Holland have some cute scenes together," Shelley Hennig, who plays the role of Malia in the series, told HollywoodLife.

Hennig also added that Malia has found her mate for life in Stiles, and thankfully, he reciprocates her feeling.

"Coyotes are very faithful and loyal animals, and she finds her mate. Apparently, coyotes find their mate, and they mate for life, because they are loyal. So, she found her partner, and it's Stiles, and luckily he reciprocates; with that, she becomes loyal to the pack, because it's important to Stiles," she added.

But there are many Stiles-Lydia shippers who aren't happy with the latest development, and they have taken to their social networking accounts to vent out their annoyance.

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