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When season four of "Teen Wolf" comes to a close on Monday, fans might finally have an answer to one of the most intriguing questions that's been plaguing them – what kind of a supernatural creature is deputy Parrish?

All fans know at this point is that Parrish was drawn to Beacon Hills, he is immune to death by fire and he has glowing eyes. And if fans were expecting to get some answers from actor Ryan Kelley, who plays the deputy in the series, then they are going to be left disappointed as he recently revealed in an interview that he too is unaware what his character actually is.

"Being on Teen Wolf is almost as suspenseful as watching Teen Wolf!" Kelley told Hypable. "We hardly ever know much more about the big plot twists than the audience does. Whenever we get a new script it's like opening a present on Christmas… What's gonna happen now? Jeff Davis, our fearless leader, seems to take perverse delight in the cast not knowing too much about what's going to happen.

"As far as our performance goes, he just says, 'I'll tell you if you're doing anything wrong.' I may or may not be a bit more informed these days, but I really want to hear what the fans are thinking I might turn out to be," added Kelley.

Fans have come up with a lot of interesting theories, and the popular notion is that Parrish might be a phoenix.

Phoenix is a mythological fire bird that has the capability to be reborn from its ashes, and it can regenerate itself if injured. And according to a Reddit "Teen Wolf" spoiler thread, Parrish exhibits most of the qualities that are associated with a phoenix.

For instance, Parrish "is always detonating bombs which could mean that he is resistant to fire. OR The phoenix is known as the keeper of fire/protector of fire and this could be an association of his work with explosives/fire," the thread explains.

Also, a pheonix is described as a creature with yellow or red colouring, and Parrish's eyes are striking yellow. Another proof of him being a phoenix is the scene where the Sheriff's Department car is on fire, and Parrish is shown emerging from it alive, covered in ash.

"Teen Wolf" season four finale will be aired on MTV on Monday.