Even when MTV's reality show "Teen Mom 2" Season 6 was being filmed, reality star Leah Messer was rumoured to be dating TR Dues. It seems their relationship has become serious and the two are even living together now, but won't let Leah's ex-husband Corey Simms enter their lives, according to a report on Radar Online.

The latest news that surrounds Leah Messer and her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, aged 6, is about her nonchalant attitude towards Corey Simms, the biological father of the twins. Reports suggest Corey has been trying to get in touch with Leah and have a conversation with her new man, but the 23-year-old mom is evading his request.

"Leah denies his requests, for some unknown reason. She won't explain why they can't meet," a source told the website.

According to Radar Online, Corey met Dues once, for not more than five minutes. The source added that Corey didn't know Dues was dating Leah then. However, Miranda Simms' husband got curious after his daughter referred to Dues' kids, Tyshawn, 8, and Angelo, 4, as brothers.

Radar Online quoted the source as saying: "Corey just wants to know the girls are safe with this man."

Leah Messer, the West Virginia personal trainer, lost primary custody of her daughters in a court ruling in October 2015. The reality star can spend weekends with Ali and Aleeah, while the Simms retain custody of the kids throughout the week.