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Although MTV's reality TV show, "Teen Mom 2" focuses on the women and their myriad experiences, it seems as if the network's executives want the cast members' exes to be part of the show, even if their role is insignificant. According to the latest news, Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind and Leah Messer's former husband Jeremy Calvert will still be part of "Teen Mom 2" even though they announced their decision to leave the show. 

To be sure, Lind and Calvert serve merely as foil on "Teen Mom 2." The two are often mentioned in the passing and  in the recently concluded Season 7, Lind and Calvert had very little screen space. Messer's ex made his presence felt only during one dinner date while Lind was depicted as a father with questionable parenting skills.

However, a source said that Lind and Calvert will continue to be part of the TV series because they are contractually obligated. According to the insider, Calvert and Lind decided to move on from "Teen Mom 2" after Season 7 but MTV simply extended the instalment and is currently in the midst of filming Season 7B. 

"Instead of the new season being Season 8, it is now Season 7B, which means there were no new contracts signed. They can't get out of it because they already signed," Reality Tea quoted the source as saying.  The outlet claimed that Calvert and Lind can't renegotiate money with the network since its not a new season. 

This news comes after Calvert's Instagram outburst, in which he expressed his anger at "Teen Mom 2" and his former wife, Messer. He wrote, "I don't need Teen Mom in my life, I was doing just fine before that...the bs has completely ruined my life." He added that the money earned from the reality show isn't enough either. 

So far, neither Lind nor Calvert has commented on their contract with MTV but according to the source, this isn't the first time the network has tried to force cast members into filming. 

"Teen Mom 2" Season 7B's premiere date hasn't been revealed yet.