Leah Messer
Leah MesserFacebook/Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer, the "Teen Mom 2" star, hasn't spoken much about her divorce with Jeremy Calvert. However, this is about to change soon. The TV personality reveals how her ex-husband broke her heart when she was in rehab.

In a promo for the "Teen Mom" Season 7 episode 6, Leah, 23, meets Jeremy for a dinner date. Before the two begin to talk, she tells the waiter, "I feel so bad for you, like this is an ex-husband and an ex-wife and we're drinking."

After the waiter serves them drinks, Leah makes a heartfelt statement about her emotional predicament while going through divorce. The reality star reveals that she couldn't imagine being with anyone else and wonders if they might still be together if Jeremy had stayed on when she went to rehab.

Jeremy, however, says that he left their marriage because he feared for the girls. He adds, "I tried, I gave up. I was damned if I do, and damned if I didn't."

Although Leah sounds logical and reasonable, Jeremy gets concerned about the amount of alcohol she has consumed. He asks if she's tipsy. "I'm a little bit because I don't ever drink," she says.

The MTV star and Jeremy finalised their divorce September 2015. According to US Weekly, Leah, who was in rehab for anxiety, said on the TV show, "I stayed because I didn't want the embarrassment of another divorce. But you know what, I'm letting it go." The former couple has a daughter, Addie, aged 2.

In the many months since their divorce, Jeremy has been dating Brooke Wehr, a native from Ohio. Jeremy, who is reportedly very happy with his girlfriend, took a dig at his ex-wife on Twitter. He retweeted a fan's post on Leah's parenting skills. The tweet includes a video of Leah leaving behind their daughter Addie in the car. Leah hasn't responded so far.