Season 6 of "Teen Mom" 2 was all about reality star Leah Messer's problematic relationship with ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife Miranda. The tension between them was so overwhelming that Leah often broke down and even ended conversations midway. Although Season 6 of the show ended recently, Leah continues to have a difficult and trying relationship with the Simms.

Recently, the Simms and Leah were locked in a custody battle regarding her kids, Ali and Aleeah, 5. Corey and Miranda won primary custody but both parties have unresolved issues. Is this the reason the Simms will not appear in "Teen Mom 2" Season 7?

Several rumours suggest the Simms are not returning to "Teen Mom 2" Season 7, for which filming is underway. In addition, many reports suggest Leah's ex-husband Jeremy Calvert might not return as well.

A source told Life and Style Magazine: "Corey is done with the show. He's told MTV he will not return for another season. He doesn't think the money is worth the aggravation anymore."

However, a recent report on Ashley's Reality Roundup suggests otherwise. The blog claims Jeremy and Corey will make their appearance on the latest season of "Teen Mom 2."

While The Ashley did confirm that life in the Simms household would be depicted, the blog also said Corey and his wife do not like filming for the reality show.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Calvert will return to "Teen Mom 2" Season 7 as he is the father of one of Leah's kids. He is rumoured to start filming for the show sometime next week.