Season 6 of "Teen Mom 2" may have ended, but there are a lot of unanswered questions about Leah Messer and her kids. In the finale, Leah looked gleeful when she returned home from rehab. The mother of three was ecstatic when she met her kids, but everyone around her wasn't. Leah was confronted with an impending custody battle, initiated by Corey Simms, her ex-husband. Nevertheless, she agreed to speak to Corey on the condition that his current wife, Miranda wouldn't be present at the meeting.

When things didn't pan out the way she imagined, Leah drove home, leaving an exasperated Miranda and Corey at the restaurant. Miranda alleged that the West Virginia personal trainer could never change, reported OK! Magazine.

In the past, Leah has been accused of drug addiction. Her ex-husbands, Corey and Jeremy Calvert confirmed that Leah has a prescription pill addiction, reported M Starz (via Radar Online).

However, Leah denied the allegations. She tweeted that the scene between the ex-husbands was staged and was far from the truth.

Leah, who joined a rehab centre stated that it was for anxiety and depression, and not for an addiction problem. In the finale, Leah said she felt "a lot stronger" after rehab, but Corey's wife Miranda stated, "A Cheetah never changes its spots."