This year has been difficult for Leah. The reality TV star has been plagued with allegations of drug problem, a troubled relationship with her ex and now, pregnancy. Perhaps she just can't get a break. But then again, Leah sparked pregnancy rumours when she posted several pregnancy related articles on her Facebook and Twitter account.

If you are wondering if the mother of three is expecting another child, the answer is no. Leah, who is dating TR Dues since the spring of 2015, addressed the rumours and said during a Facebook Q and A, "Babies are not even on my mind, lol. My girls are all I need."

The "Teen Mom 2" star revealed her relationship with her daughters- Ali, Aleeah and Adalynn- and said that they, as a family, are still coping with a lot of changes after her return from rehab, reported OK! Magazine.

Meanwhile, a preview clip from "Teen Mom 2" reunion special depicted that Leah and her ex husband, Corey Simms still have a difficult relationship.

Leah alleged that Corey cheated on his wife Miranda with her and she asked him, "Where were you during the first few months of your marriage?"

According to Ashley's Reality Roundup, the two did hook up whilst Corey was married to Miranda and Leah was still wedded to Jeremy Calvert. 

Nevertheless, Corey tried to change the topic and alluded to Leah's drug problem, which is when the reality star uttered, "Monkey", her safe word for topics she doesn't want to discuss.

Part 2 of the reunion special of "Teen Mom 2" Season 6 airs Wednesday, 7 October at 9pm EDT on MTV.