The newest sci-fi role-playing video game, "The Technomancer" from developer Spiders and publishers Focus Home Interactive released on June 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The game is set in the future, 20 years after humans colonised Mars, during the War of Water. The protagonist of this game is Zachariah (Zach), a rookie technomancer. Zach is fleeing the secret police of the biggest corporation in the game.

Technomancers says on its official website that "mage-warriors" are those who are able to use their innate ability to harness electrical powers that are able to destroy enemies.

The game lets players play a dynamic combat action that is based on four skill trees and three combat styles and lets them use the destructive electrical powers. The game offers players with an effective crafting system, featuring customisable appearance and weapons. It also features several recycled materials and more.

In "The Technomancer," players will have to not only deal with the human looters, bandits and other enemy factions but also legions of hybrid species that boast of strong poisons, natural camouflage and strength.

It has been revealed that the game would feature four other characters apart from Zachariah, including Amelia, Scott, Colonel Viktor and Sean.

The game features a tactical, real-time combat system that features three combat styles like staff, blade/gun and blade/shield.

Following its release, the game has been reviewed by several gaming blogs, here is a round-up of few of them:

GameSkinny â€“ 8/10

"'The Technomancer' delivers on everything it set out to do, with its limited budget being obvious, but it shines in areas many games falter," GameSkinny said in its review.

IGN â€“ 4.9/10

"All the little reasons 'The Technomancer' is worth experiencing, all the little moments where the vision of a better game shines through, aren't quite enough to justify choking down its shortcomings," IGN said in its review.

Trusted Reviews - 3/5

"Buy if you're a hard-core RPG fan looking for something to cover the wait until 'Mass Effect: Andromeda.' Otherwise, steer clear," Trusted Reviews noted in its review.

PlayStation Lifestyle â€“ 7.5/10

"'The Technomancer' tries its best to be a lot of things at once, and as a result, it's good at most but great at nothing. Not much about the game stands out as must-play, but it's a good recommendation for RPG-loving friends who are looking for a sci-fi/steampunk RPG to play," PlayStation Lifestyle noted in its review.

PC World â€“ 2/5

"'The Technomancer' has all the appearances of an epic sci-fi RPG, but it's surface level sheen over a cavalcade of boredom," PC World said in its review.

WhatCulture â€“ 3/5

"Ultimately, though, for me 'The Technomancer' falls short of its incredibly awesome premise – though, that said, many will still find a ton of fun, simply because of how slick and Matrix-cool its concept truly is," WhatCulture said in its review.

Lazygamer â€“ 7/10

"'Technomancer' makes a valiant effort to be the next big open world RPG and comes close to achieving it, but in the end it feels like the developer was trying to fit too many things in to one game," Lazygamer said in its review.

 WCCF Tech

"That said, if you're ready to accept that you won't be wandering off like you would in 'Fallout 4' or 'The Witcher 3' then 'The Technomancer' is a solid purchase for RPG fans. If not at full price, at the very least once discounts kick in," WCCF Tech said in its review.

Gaming Bolt â€“ 6/10

"The Technomancer has some interesting hooks but falls by the wayside. With more time, polish and a lot more heart, it could have been something more but this vacation to Mars is imminently uneventful and forgettable," Gaming Bolt said in its review.