Samsung Galaxy S3
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally arrived in AT&T stores, although store managers are warning customers about limited availability. xda-developers

Samsung's latest rage, the Galaxy S3, and Apple iPhone 4S are currently in the spotlight for several technical problems that users have repeatedly complained of. However, this unfavourable attention the two smartphones have received as of late have failed to hinder sales of these top-notch devices.

Samsung's third generation Galaxy S3 has major technical tissues like microphone malfunction, low battery life, overheating and internet connection issues. On the other hand, Apple's current iPhone 4S is also plagued by low battery life, poor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues as well as other complaints related to Siri.

In spite of all these problems, consumers are still willing to purchase either of these two devices. According to survey firm Consumer Intelligence Research, Apple sold 37 million iPhone handsets in the fourth quarter of 2011 -- in other words, from October 1 to December 31 of 2011. Accordingly, 89 percent of those 37 million sales were of the iPhone 4S model alone. That's more than 30 million units sold in a single quarter. Going by these reports, one can estimate that the Cupertino giant may have sold a similar estimate of iPhone 4S models across the world in the second and third quarter.

When it comes to Galaxy S3, the sales figures are equally high in volume. Over ten million Galaxy S3 units were pre-ordered even before the device was launched late May. Samsung has forecasted record profits this quarter and is anticipating that around19 million units will be shipped by the end of September this year.