Anil K Bhaskar
  • The global IoT sensors market is expected to touch $141. 80 billion by the year 2030 from just $12.37 billion in the year 2020, experiencing a 28.1% CAGR from 2021 to 2030.
  • By designing an ecosystem of wireless IoT sensors, NCD resolves the industrial challenges.

The present business sentiment for organizations in the digital & IoT domain remains mostly positive although falling from Q4 2021 highs. It's a commonly acknowledged fact that the Covid-19 pandemic had a positive effect on the adoption of Internet of Things technologies.

By the end of the year 2022, the number of devices connected to IoT sensors is expected to go up to 14.4 billion, which is an 18% hike from 2020.

Anil K Bhaskar's Contribution To Ncd To Build An Ecosystem Of Sensors

Anil K Bhaskar is a tech entrepreneur who specializes in Electronic Design Engineering. He possesses expertise in hardware & software design, and the development of real-time & mission-critical embedded systems deployed all over the world. Over the years, he has fulfilled multiple responsibilities in the company, and now he is running the business as well.

Currently, he is positioned as a CEO & Director of Engineering at the National Control Devices and is the leading face of the company in the United States. He is managing cross-functional teams across 3 countries. Under his leadership, the company has got the tag of the 'Market leader in the US' for offering a robust ecosystem of Wireless IoT sensors, which are the driving force behind the Industrial revolution 4.0. The company is enjoying a significant growth rate of 30% YOY.

How A Small-Town Company Is Leading The Iot Hardware Market?

NCD is based in a small town in Missouri, United States, and has been in the technology industry for the last 25 years. Till date, it has catered to more than 50,000 clients with diverse product needs from various industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, agriculture, medical, facility monitoring, and automation. Today, NCD is a recognizable name when it comes to industrial IoT sensors.

One of the things Anil Bhaskar highlighted about NCD is its complete in-house engineering & manufacturing capabilities. This way they create new technologies with tight integration, from start to end, which indicates that they have 100% control over the performance, quality, and features of all products. So, they do custom design & development. If they do not have what you need, they can build it for you in-house.

Most companies in the market either use third-party hardware or firmware, but NCD creates end-to-end solutions for its customers to offer them the best experience ever.

What makes NCD lead the IoT hardware market in the US?

They offer products, features, and facilities that no other company offers in the market. And, these aspects include cloud agnostic and long-range wireless products, an ecosystem of sensors, no monthly fee, and a 5-years warranty. They give users complete control of the data. Most companies charge to access the sensory data but NCD offers complete sensor data access at no monthly cost. As Anil Bhaskar says, once you purchase the hardware, it's all yours, including the data it generates.

NCD Breaking the Stereotypes

There's a stereotype in the technology industry that a company can only grow when it's located in a city or big town but NCD is proving them wrong every day. Anil Bhaskar's knowledge and experience have given a new face to the brand.

The IoT Product Lines that Work with Every Cloud Service

It's an amazing thing to know that Anil Bhaskar has single-handedly designed and launched 500+ products (both wired & wireless) at National Control Devices.

He also underlined that they will soon launch two more product ranges in the upcoming months. NCD is looking to expand its design & manufacturing capabilities by employing more engineers and a brand-new production facility.

One of the main product ranges is predictive maintenance which is of high use to manufacturing plants as it can predict pumps, motors, and machines' health and notify the owners before breakdown. This further reduces downtime as well as loss of production.

For the next milestone of NCD, Anil Bhaskar said that the company is working on two new product ranges that will work with every cloud service for the ultimate user experience. The first is Industrial IoT gas sensors, and second is LTE-powered sensors. Both product ranges will take NCD to the next level and resolve some of the major industrial challenges.

Final Words

IoTs are going to show exceptional growth in the upcoming years. And, there are only a few companies that are producing end-to-end IoT products for fixing the main industry issues. Anil K Bhaskar is a tech entrepreneur who is making his mark in the technology domain through National Control Devices. The company has already offered valuable solutions to the industry under his leadership and more are counting.

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