India Against Corruption Mobile Application
India Against Corruption Mobile Application

In an effort to maintain the momentum of the India Against Corruption (IAC) campaign, the social activist group has launch a mobile application called "India Against Corruption."

IAC has tied up with Juvenis Tech, a start-up mobile solutions company, to launch Android and Symbian apps.

"In April 2011, we created an app on Anna. This time we approached Arvind Kejriwal of the IAC, who told us to go ahead with an app that concentrates on the movement rather than a single person," said Director of Juvenis Tech Deepansh Jain.

The app allows people to connect with the group, get queries on the Lokpal Bill answered, find out about and volunteer for upcoming events around the country related to the movement, read about developments on the bill and see videos, including streaming live action.

There is also a missed call option available, where people can call and register to show support, and a "write to us" option, where people can text their queries related to the bill. "Those questions are forwarded to the IAC members, who answer them," added Jain.

An elaborate FAQ section allows people to know more about the Jan Lokpal Bill and there is even a link provided for those interested in knowing the difference between the bill tabled by the government and Hazare's bill.

The free application is runs on both the Android and Symbian operating system of 1.6. It can be directly download onto mobile phones. The app has seen 1,670 downloads till date.


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