Teachers Day
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'Teachers Day' is celebrated around the world on different dates. It is a day dedicated for those people who play a vital role in structuring a child's future.

In India, it is celebrated on 5 September, which is the birth date of nation's second President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He used to believe that "teachers should be the best minds in the country."

Today, India dedicates love and support to all the teachers and appreciates their hard work to guide their students.

On the occasion of Teachers Day, here are few entertaining videos taken from YouTube, which shows clips of some of the funniest teachers. Few of them shows how a teacher finds creative ways to educate their students and few will show that one need to be well qualified before teaching the students.

Here are the video clips of Funniest Teachers Ever.

Intelligent Teacher

In this video, the teacher is teaching English alphabets to the class. But the hilarious part is she herself doesn't know beyond three alphabets 'A, B, C'. Though the headmaster teaches her all the alphabets, she continues to show her intelligence of knowing nothing.

Creatively Funny Teacher

This is the video of an amazing professor who comes up with creative and funniest ideas to teach his students. He shows the ability to make the class interesting by adding humorous elements to his teachings.

'Mande or Monday' – Over Qualified Teacher

This is a footage covered by an Indian news channel where it portrayed the quality of education given in remote villages of the country. The teachers in the video are not qualified and dictates incorrect spellings to the students, like Monday becomes Mande, Apple becomes Apile and more.

Sarcastic and Comedy Teacher

In this video, a teacher displays all those comments written by his students when they were asked to suggest tips on improving his class. From 'I love you' to 'I can't take my eyes off you', were the comments received by him. 

Dancing – 'Weird' Teacher

The video is quite hilarious as you see two teachers dancing in a weird way. They entertain their students by shaking their legs, which turns little funny.

'Prank on' Teacher

In this video, the students tried to be funny by playing a prank with their teacher. One of them acted dead and this made teacher scream like anything.