Teachers Day
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Children grow up cursing and loathing their school but once out, they realise that school days were in fact the best phase of their life. More than anything, it's the professors and teachers who make these years memorable.

Today is 'Teacher's Day', the day when dedicated to those who have taught us all the good aspects of life. But each of us have had one or two teachers who we remember for being sarcastic/funny. Then there were those who gave us big fat lectures on discipline.

Here are a few dialogues typical to most teachers. Also check out what the students would answer, if only they could answer!

 "Why did you forget your homework? Did you forget to eat in the morning too?"

- How come eating has anything to do with homework? We love to eat, but homework...

"Why are you making so much noise? Is this a fish market?"

- Well how would I know? I have never been to one.

"Do you think teachers are fools?"

- I don't think so. Do you? 

"Why are you laughing? Tell us the joke, we'll also laugh."

- No ways. The joke could be on you!

"Can you speak louder? Didn't you have breakfast today?"

- Why are you fixated on my meals?

"If you don't like to study then why do you come to school?"

- Trust me, I'm clueless too.

"Show me your book. What are you doing there?"

- Oh yeah? So you could show this to the entire class, embarrass me and then drag me to the Principal's office?

"Why are you looking outside? Am I standing there?"

- That's why! 

(When students are caught misbehaving) "Is this why your parents send you to school every day?"

- I'm too dying to know why they send me here.

 "You are the worst batch I have ever taught."

- I bet you say this to every batch.