Sahil Anand

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu this famous Sanskrit Shokla means 'Guru' is Parabrahma (Supreme God). It is said that everyone, in some respect, is a teacher, some work harder to do it better.

A teacher doesn't necessarily have to mean someone teaching in school or college, and a teacher can be that one person who taught you the meanings of life and motivated you to do better.  The year 2020 and the pandemic has taught us a lot.

Every year we celebrate Teacher's Day on the 5th of September to honour the efforts and numerous hours of learnings that 'Teachers' impart its students.

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, actor Sahil Anand in an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India reminisces how he celebrated Teacher's day at school, teachers he had a crush, favourite subject and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

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Who was your favourite teacher at school? 

My favourite teacher at school was Monica ma'am because she cared a lot about her students. She was very polite and loved every single student, and we could see that. And till today, all my school friends remember her! And that's a big deal because we're all in our thirties now!

Sahil Anand

Were you notorious as a kid?

Yes, I was a notorious student! I was a pain for my teachers. I was pretty popular in my school, and by God's grace, I am still naughty despite being in the acting field (laughs).

Sahil Anand

Were you studious or you loved sports?

I loved sports! I was the sports captain of my school. Iplayed cricket under 16 for nationals. But I also managed studies. I was actually not studios before and only used to concentrate on sports but my parents wanted me to pursue engineering. When i gew up I did decided to focus on studies. 

Favourite subject in school or college


Sahil Anand

Fond memories of teachers day?

I studied in Chandigarh, and in Chandigarh, every occasion is special and is celebrated in a big way! So, the teacher's day was also a grand celebration. We'd bring gifts for teachers and in return, they'd give us sweets. It was very exciting for as all of us would get together and decide what gift we would give our teacher... So, basically the teacher's day was pretty chill for us because no teacher used to scold us (laughs).

Did you dress up as a teacher on teachers day during school?

There was a fancy dress competition where we could be anyone. But not as a teacher for sure.

Sahil Anand

Did you have a crush on your teacher?

Everyone has a crush on their teachers, and a person's first love is always their teacher. So, I had a crush on many teachers. 

Any teacher that you are in touch with? (School or college)

I'm not in touch with any of the teachers, but I am still in touch with my tuition teacher who stays behind my house in Chandigarh. So when she goes for her evening walk, we bump into each other, and have a nice chat.

Sahil Anand

Any school/college to the tuition teacher daughter is your fan or crush on you?

I do get a lot of these messages from the children of teachers saying they're the daughters of so-and-so teacher in a so-and-so college. And I feel really proud that they are my fans, and that I could be a part of their life in some way until now.

Sahil Anand

 For the unversed, Sahil Anand is known for his portrayal in films like Student of the Year and Babloo Happy Hai. Currently, he is seen as Anupam Sengupta in Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay.

International Business Times, wishes all its readers, teachers and Guru's a very Happy Teacher's Day!