September 5 is an important day in India's history and its relevance prevails even today. Commemorating the birth anniversary of India's second President and a loved teacher Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, September 5 is nationally celebrated as Teacher's Day. While schools and educational institutes celebrate the day by organising various events, Google is participating in its own way.

Google honours important events in the history by dedicating a doodle on its homepage. As India celebrates Teacher's Day 2018, Google has a specially designed doodle that summarises the importance of teachers in everyone's lives.

The animated doodle features a spinning globe with glasses representing a teacher and there are several icons that signify various subjects of academics such as physics, chemistry, music, maths, astronomy and the rest. Overall, Google's doodle about Teacher's Day shows how teachers are a crucial part of the different disciplines of our life.

Teachers Day
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Teacher's Day celebrations in India take place a month before the world as UNESCO has declared October 5 as Teacher's Day. The reason behind India celebrating Teacher's Day a month early is to honour Radhakrishnan's wish who had reportedly said that "instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5th is observed as Teachers' Day."

It has since been a tradition to celebrate Teacher's Day by hosting programmes and events at schools and institutes. On this day, students present their teachers with cards and gifts as a sign of gratitude for mentoring and motivating to be the best versions of ourselves.

Teachers are the world's greatest gifts after parents. They not only teach us academics but also the way of life, discipline, culture and wisdom. The lessons that teachers teach us can stay with us throughout life and help us make difficult decisions in life. But teachers are not only the ones who we see or have seen in classrooms but also those who mentored us in different stages of life. On this day, take a moment to thank all the teachers who've helped you be the person you are today.

Happy Teacher's Day!