Ashima Makhija
Ashima MakhijaPR Handout

Sometimes, some people have to make a tough choice of quitting their job to pursue something they always loved. It might look like a risk, but what's life without taking one? One such person who took a chance of quitting her job as a teacher to achieve her dreams in the beauty and fashion world is Ashima Makhija.

Ashima was a teaser and she had quite a stable job. But a few years ago, she left it because what interested her was working for something in the field of fashion and being an entrepreneur. 5 years ago, she started her blog, ColorsnGlitters. In the initial days, she started writing reviews of different beauty products and shared her views on different fashion trends. She used to do the same on her Instagram page.

However, with time, her popularity rose and people started trusting and admiring her for her work. They loved their beauty product reviews, engagement with her followers and the way she presented herself in every post. Her popularity and great work also led to her collaboration with several big brands like Genesis Luxury, Mac Cosmetics, Tresemme, Maybelline, Garnier, Rado and many more.

All the popularity and success helped Ashima Makhija in launching her own brand GLASM COSMETICS. It started on Christmas in 2018. GLASM COSMETICS sells good quality of make-up brushes. The products are available at a reasonable rate and very suitable for Indian buyers.

About how to stand out with your work and have loyal customers, Ashima believes that one must deliver a quality product, be genuine and honest. She said that in order to make their mark in this competitive world, one must be humble with and put forward authentic work in front of their customers. According to Ashima, the sole intention of an entrepreneur or someone who comes with their own startup should be giving quality products and satisfaction to the masses.