Calvin Harris
Calvin HarrisReuters

Calvin Harris and Nicole Scherzinger set tongues wagging recently when they were spotted getting cosy during a night out in London. While many believed that Harris has moved on from his split from Taylor Swift, a new report has revealed that Harris and Scherzinger are just friends, and that there was nothing romantic going on between the two.

They're casual friends, and if they see each other at a club or party they will chill," a source shared with E! Online. "They are not hooking up or hanging out. Calvin isn't rebounding with anyone at this time."

The report also added that Scherzinger was happy in her relationship with Grigor Dimitrov.

However, according to HollywoodLife, both of them might be using the media attention to further their own means. Harris, it seems, wants to make it look like he has moved on from Swift and Scherzinger is in it for the media attention. She is also apparently looking forward to working with the Scottish DJ.

"Nicole and Calvin are not serious whatsoever but they are both using this as an opportunity. Calvin wants to make it look like he has moved on from Taylor which he has not and Nicole will take any type of media moment or opportunity she can get, she really is all about being a celebrity and will do anything to make it happen," a source close to the pair of told the publication.

In the meantime, things appear to be getting serious between Swift and her new beau Tom Hiddleston. According to reports, the duo has already spoken about kids and where they see themselves in the future. Sources have also come forward claiming that Swift can totally see herself walking down the aisle with Hiddleston.

Swift and Hiddleston got together mere weeks after she called it quits with Harris, and speculations are rife that Swift might have been cheating on her boyfriend with the British actor.