Taylor Swift
Spot the difference: Taylor Swift (L), April Gloria (R)Taylor Swift, Facebook/ April Gloria, Instagram

Recently, the Internet went bonkers when Reese Witherspoon posted a picture of herself with her daughter and fans couldn't identify the difference between the two. Another celebrity lookalike has driven social media platforms into frenzy. An Instagrammer by the name of April Gloria began sharing pictures of her dressed in attires from Taylor Swift songs and now, the Internet cannot tell the difference.

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A resident of Kansas, April is a cosplay artist who recreates a number of artists for about three years now (according to her Facebook page). Despite her numerous cosplays, April looks exactly like Taylor Swift. The pictures she shared on her social media platforms urges people to look twice before actually recognizing her.

She shares the same blue eyes as the Bad Blood singer; their heights resemble and guess what! She has a cat too, who suspiciously looks like the one Swift has. April already has over 62,000 followers on her Instagram page.

While there has not been a retweet/reaction from Taylor Swift, twitter and internet is flooded with all sorts of reactions.

From Instagram:

Thi Nguyen: damn I thought it was her (Taylor Swift)

Julialanzillotta: omg this is insane

Laura: her lips are not quite there but her hair and eyes are spot on!

Kyla Matias: Now that's a real doppelganger, she looks like Taylor swift's clone


Abbi Maak: this girl looks more like Taylor Swift than Taylor Swift

Crystal Singleton: U look just like taylor even when u don't dress like her!

From Twitter:

 So what do you think Taylor Swift will react? The singer is currently busy enjoying the success of her song Fifty Shades Darker, which ranks at number 3 this week on the Billboard Top 100. 

What are your reactions? Do you think you can tell the difference between April and Taylor? Let us know in the comments.