Taylor Swift has her name written all over 2015. Her fifth studio album "1989" remains the best-selling album of the year. However, the "Bad Blood" singer has learned not to take success for granted.

Sprawling on the cover of Vogue Australia's November issue, Taylor (25) said that she is aware the fans might "change their minds" about her tomorrow. "Things are good right now but I'm never going to be stupid, foolish or ignorant enough to think I have control over the public," according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald.

She said "In no way, shape or form" she takes her fans support as a "permanent thing" and considers the consciousness as what keeps her "on the game". Her ongoing "1989" world tour has featured several big names such as Justin Timberlake, Mick Jagger, Lisa Kudrow and not to forget her BFF Selena Gomez.

Talking about surprising her fans with such renowned artists, she said that trying and showing people something that will "confuse them, delight them, surprise them", is part of being an entertainer, NEWS.com reported.

But how does she convince so many big names to feature in her tours? "I'll approach them and say: 'I'll fly you to a city on the tour, I'll fly you there and back'," she further said.

With "1989", more of a pop-inclined album, Taylor has shown the world her daunting "women squad", which also features A-list names like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, and many more. She even went on to cast all her girlfriends in her music video for "Bad Blood".

Speaking about the squad, she said that it is one of the favourite things about her life right now. "Our friends really have each others' back. It's the first time in my life that I've had anything strong like that in the friendship department," Taylor added.

She further said that after Lorde and Ellie Goulding's albums came out, she sent them flowers and praised their work that caused the trio become best friends.

The "Blank Space" singer further said that "friendship often comes from admiration" and termed it to be the "natural way to be friends with someone because you've established your respect with what the person does."

Taylor was recently named as the youngest woman in Forbes List of 100 Most Influential Woman in the world.

The "Wildest Dreams" hitmaker features the cover of Vogue ahead of her "1989" tour touching down Australia on 28 November. She is also speculated to be invited as an A-list guest at the ARIA Awards in Australia on 26 November, according to news reports.

Taylor has also recently been named as the "Queen of Instagram" after she hit 50 million followers, more than any user of the social media site.

She is reportedly going to take a break after her tour wraps up in December. "Then I'll feel like I'll need to give people a breather," she said, according to a report by PEREZHILTON.