Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton's collaboration would have boasted the power of the fairer sex, but it looks like it's not happening anytime soon. According to the latest reports, Tay's sources have rubbished the rumours about the two women planning to come together for the politician's presidential campaign.

Speculations ran wild after Ok! (via Star) revealed that Taylor and Hillary were planning to collaborate on a massive fund-raising concert for Clinton's presidential campaign.

"Taylor and Hillary are planning to collaborate on a massive fund-raising concert later this fall. Taylor is a feminist, and Hillary needs someone as influential as Taylor in her corner," the insider said.

The report also said the "Bad Blood" singer is really excited to be part of it, but apparently her team is worried about how her fans would take this.

"Swift isn't too concerned about any possible backlash. Taylor's massive fan base will undoubtedly help Hillary's chances of becoming the first women president," the source said.

"Taylor couldn't think of anything more exciting than to be part of world history," the source added.

Despite such claims, there is nothing official that has come out from either party's end. In fact, Taylor Swift is in the news for her latest feud with Avril Lavigne and how her DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris has come to her rescue.

But, it's Gossip Cop that has rubbished the rumours and claimed that Swift and Clinton are not joining hands.

Apparently, the website checked with sources close to Swift and learnt that Tay has no plans to collaborate with Clinton on a fundraiser. The report further stated that Clinton will pull it off successfully even without Swift's help.

Well, if Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton would have collaborated, then we are sure it would have been some concert!