Taylo Swift and Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift is utilizing all her free time before she goes off to the tour to spend time with beau Calvin Harris. She was recently spotted in "Wango Tango" cheering on for Harris with full enthusiasm.Twitter/ Screenshot

Taylor is totally in love with her DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris and does not want to spend a single moment of free time without him. She is such a dedicated girlfriend that despite her busy schedule and world tour, she managed to visit the "Wango Tango" concert to cheer Harris during his performance.

Sources at Hollywood life say that Tay Tay is "head over heels in love" for the DJ. Though she is very busy with her 1989 tour, she wants to make the most of the free time by being with her man.

"Taylor doesn't want to miss a minute with Calvin, she loves being with him," the insider told the website. "That's why she went along to watch him perform at Wango Tango. She knows she's going to be busy on her world tour, and will miss him hugely when they're apart."

Luckily, she wrapped up her Japan tour early and her Europe tour is scheduled to kickoff late June. Therefore, she had enough time to come to the music concert and support Harris with full enthusiasm.

"Like you do when you're in love, you just don't want to be without that special someone, and Taylor's no different," the source continued. "The moment she wrapped in Japan, she came flying back to see him."

It's not only the "You Belong With Me" singer who is trying hard to keep the spark in her relationship alive. The website says that even Harris is very serious about the relationship and wants to have a future with the pop singer.

"[Calvin] is trying hard to make the relationship work," a source close to the pair told the celebrity website. "He knows that its going to be an uphill battle but he is ready for the challenge."