Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have undoubtedly become the most popular and followed couple in recent months. Therefore, it wasn't suprising that engagement rumours soon started doing the rounds. But latest reports suggest the couple is still not ready to take that next step.

Tay and Cal started dating six months ago and the couple didn't take too long to make their relationship official. From PDAs at public events to posting holiday photos on Instagram and even meeting each other's parents, the singer and the DJ definitely seem to have progressed pretty fast.

And while the two of them continued enjoying each other's company, fans started wondering if Swift and Harris are all set to take the next step in their relationship and get engaged. Well, while engagement might sound the most obvious thing to happen, it doesn't look like happening anytime soon, reports Hollywood Life.

"They have it made, they are totally in love and have a great time with each other and nothing is going to stop that, but they are not getting engaged, married or eloping. Don't look for 'Save The Dates' anytime soon as they are enjoying being boyfriend and girlfriend," an insider said.

The report further stated that though the couple is not getting engaged, it doesn't mean marriage is off the cards. According to a source the website spoke to, Taylor and Calvin are still very young and have a whole life to decide about their relationship's future.

"Even though they haven't been together that long if he did ask her tomorrow she'd say yes, she's just so happy with him. Taylor doesn't think it's a sure thing, she's not that cocky, but she has a really good feeling that they will end up together," the source said.

Maybe not now, but if and when the wedding happens, there will reportedly be no prenups because the "Bad Blood" singer is not cool with the idea of having it.

"Taylor hates the idea of having a prenup when she gets married. She thinks it's so unromantic — it's like giving up before you even start. When she gets married, she wants it to be forever, no prenup required," an insider said.

Well, doesn't look wedding bells are ringing for Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris now.