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It was only a few days ago that Taylor Swift was rumoured to have broken up with Calvin Harris. The singer, who appeared alone at the Met Gala 2016, raised eyebrows when she posed on her own on the red carpet. However, the couple is still dating, according to latest news.

Swift was seen on a date night with her boyfriend just a few days after the Met Gala. The two enjoyed a drive in Harris' spacious Range Rover and it seemed nothing short of a low-key romantic outing. According to Daily Mail, Swift even rolled her eyes at Harris, but the smile on his face seemed to indicate that all was well with the couple.

The outlet pointed out that Harris didn't attend the Met Gala perhaps because he wanted to stay away from the media.

A source told Hollywood Life: "He rarely steps on a red carpet with her and instead prefers to keep their relationship private. All the attention they get when they step out together freaks him out and he can never get used to it. He does not like to advertise their love."

Swift and Harris have been vocal about their feelings for each other. In a recent radio interview, Harris said he relies on his girlfriend for support, especially when he's on tour. He complimented the "Bad Blood" singer's infectious energy and said it's fantastic to have such a positive person in his life.