In the life of Taylor Swift, romances, as her name suggests are swift, short and tumultuous. But since she started dating Calvin Harris, her tryst with romance seems to have become brighter. The couple, who've been together only for a few months since February, are very open about their relationship. Perhaps Taylor has finally found the man of her dreams, which is why the singer has made plans to move to Scotland, as reports suggest.

It was only a few weeks ago that her beau, Calvin, left for his hometown, Dumfries, in Scotland. Since his arrival, Calvin has embraced the familiarity of his native town. Possibly in a few months' time, his girlfriend could be joining him. Taylor is rumoured to have bought a castle in Scotland.

According to OK! Magazine, Taylor has her eyes set on a $8 million castle close to his parents' home. A source close to the singer described it as "fairy tale castle" called Tower of Lethendy, which consists of tennis courts, a sauna, massage room etc. This would fit well into their future plans, as the two are seriously considering marriage.

Daily Mirror reported that Taylor and Calvin have chalked out the details of their marriage and have mutually agreed to do away with a pre-nup.

"Taylor would love a big wedding at home but she loved Scotland and could be persuaded to do it there, especially as her family can travel more than his extended family can," reported Daily Mirror (Via Reveal Magazine).

The couple have reportedly decided to spend their honeymoon in Europe or North America. However, it isn't yet known when they would tie the knot.