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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' relationship was sweet and inspiring for fans of the country singer. However, its end was anything but. Details of the celebrities' break-up seem to be getting murkier by the day, and according to a new report, the "Blank Space" singer apparently ended things with Harris over a phone call.

According to a source, Swift, 26, had a brief conversation with Harris after his accident in May 2016. She said she wanted to split because she needed space and was rather vague during the entirety of the phone call.

The DJ from Scotland didn't react so well to the news and reportedly stopped talking to her after that. Several reports claimed Harris aka Adam Wiles was ring-shopping when Swift wanted to go her separate way. A source did tell TMZ Harris assumed his ex-girlfriend was in it for the "long haul."

Swift was largely absent and didn't speak about Harris' car accident in Los Angeles, leaving many to wonder if everything was alright between the two. Weeks later, reports emerged that Harris and the "Bad Blood" singer had called it quits after dating for 15 months.

Although Swift's vague break-up call caught Harris off-guard, it was perhaps less shocking than her pictures with actor Tom Hiddleston. The DJ was reportedly surprised after pictures of her and actor Tom Hiddleston surfaced online. A source told US Weekly Harris didn't think she would move on so quickly.

"That was fast! It was surprising to him but he just wants to move on. He's a really good guy," US Weekly quoted the source as saying.