Tata Tiago
IBTimes India/ Ken Sunny

Tata Motors launched Tiago hatchback bearing Impact design language in April 2016. The new design approach with competitive pricing has gone down well with customers. The hatchback has received over 50,000 bookings in a short span of time in which around 25,000 units has been delivered. Emerging reports indicate that Tata Motors is planning to ramp up production of Tiago to reduce waiting period that stands up to three to four months now.

"There is a clear direction from the management to ramp up the production of the car, which has been well received by the market and reduce the waiting period," the Business Standard quoted a source in Tata Motors as saying.

Tata Motors manufactures Tiago at the Sanand plant which previously manufactured the Nano model only. The Mumbai-based manufacturer is also planning to manufacture Kite 5 (codename), compact sedan sibling of the Tiago from the same plant. "Its (Kite 5) launch might get slightly delayed as the plant is working to reduce the Tiago wait period. Sanand is making close to 5,000 Tiagos a month now, up significantly from the 3,000 a month it was making a couple of months earlier," the source told the publication.

The unprecedented demand for the Tiago has also resulted in a delay in the delivery and the company was forced to start a second shift at its Gujarat's Sanand plant to increase the output. But that seems to be not enough to tally the demand and supply.

Tata Motors has received a much-needed reboot with the launch of Tiago hatchback. The automaker reported sales of 16,311 units with 28 percent growth in October against 12,747 units sold in October 2015. Tata Motors sold 4,557 units of the Tiago in September. In August, the sales of the hatchback stood at 4,527 units. In April, May, June and July, the corresponding figures were 3,022, 3,287, 4,205 and 5,114 units, respectively. Hence, it is evident that the Tiago is the torchbearer of the new Tata Motors growth plan.