Tata Motors' Mine Protected Vehicle
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Tata Motors engineers have churned out a small but deadly vehicle to assist India's elite security forces during the battle hours.

India's biggest car manufacture, Tata Motors, unveiled Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MBPV) model combat-car at DEFEXO in New Delhi.

MBPV car is designed to use during indoor combat, inside airports, railway stations that would help the movement of the security forces fast and quick. As an added advantage, the mini-combat bullet-proof and grenade-proof car can run up on stairs.

Tata Motors have chalked out many other designs with variant features to enlist in service of India Army. However, what makes MPPV special from rest of the Tata's vehicle-inventions is, it's built in view of helping commandos during battle with insurgents.

Since, it's bullet/bomb proof and small/efficient car it would assist army persons to make quicker and safer rides.

Commenting on the new defence vehicle, Tata Motors P. M. Telang, Managing Director said, "The launch of our new combat & tactical vehicles and equipment, leveraged from our strength in design and development of a wide range of commercial vehicles, now enables us to cover the entire defence mobility spectrum."

"Tata Motors defence solutions already covers the complete range of logistics and armoured vehicles that have also been popular in supporting the police and paramilitary forces in counter insurgency operations," he added.

The MBPV will purportedly meet the needs of the defence as it is touted as one of the long-desired-type vehicle by commandoes.

MBPV with capacity of two occupants can run quickly around the corners and sped passage through the hallways. Beside its ability to climb up the staircase, the compact model of the car might allow itself to adjust inside an elevator.