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Telecom firms will appeal for relaxation in special audits of their accounts as ordered by the government in March this year. (Representational Image)Reuters file

Tata Communications launched its IZO Cloud Storage platform on Wednesday, looking to offer storage solutions for enterprises. The IZO platform will be supported by Tata Communications' subsea cable network, which is reported to be the largest wholly-owned network in the world.

Tata Communications said in a statement it estimates that enterprises will generate up to 125 exabytes — 1 exabyte equals 1,024 terabytes, and 1 terabyte equals 1,024 gigabytes — of data, of which 80 percent will be unstructured data such as images, video, social media posts and emails. The new service will help address the complex storage demands associated with such data.

The IZO cloud service platform is said to combine network connectivity, cloud storage and data security. The platform reportedly eliminates the costs and complexities associated with working with different service providers.

"As data volumes continue to skyrocket while regulations across industries tighten, companies today face three major challenges: cost, complexity and security," said Genius Wong, president of Global Network, Cloud and Data Centre Services at Tata Communications, in a statement. "Expanding our IZO platform with cloud storage capabilities is part of our mission to provide CIOs [chief information officers] with the ability to manage every aspect of their cloud infrastructure as one."

The IZO platform reportedly allows enterprises to scale up as the situation demands. The company claims businesses operating in several sectors, ranging from media and entertainment to healthcare, are bound by industry standards and regulations, which leads to the creation and storage of large volumes of data. The IZO Cloud Storage's unlimited storage capacity will enable the end-to-end management of the data, the company said.